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Howdy: Infectious Optimism

It seems like there is a disproportionate amount of negativity and fear roaming the digital world these days. Seeing that social networks are about the only avenue for human interaction right now, I have decided to do my part as a cultivator of infectious optimism. I wondered to myself, (while sitting in voluntary isolation) how can I best help my community and family in these stressful times. The answers came as quickly as the question: singing and writing.

Given that these are among my best talents and the ones my friends and family have always applauded and appreciated, it seems fitting that I use them for good; now more than ever. So, in an effort to accomplish this, I will be posting a blog and music video everyday for the foreseeable future. In this way, I hope to alleviate, (at least momentarily) some of the stress and fear that you may be feeling. Please help me share and spread this virus of optimism. It’s a disease we all could afford to catch right now.

My first nugget of observed positivity came from one of my neighbors. Upon leaving my house this morning, they were backing their large Suburban out of the driveway. Myself and a few other cars were forced to stop and wait for them to finish backing out. This took an unreasonably long amount of time. Yet, when they were finished and accelerated on their way, this neighbor of mine gratefully tossed out the “Texas-two-finger” wave. I gladly returned it and noticed that the driver behind me did the same.

The positive thought that I took away from this encounter is: we are all still neighbors and common courtesy has not been quarantined. So as you go through your day today, remember that your friends, family, neighbors and even the strangers at the overrun grocery store, are YOUR community. Treat them with respect, and graciousness. It will indubitably come back to you.

And while you're at it, remember that we are blessed to live in Texas, the greatest of the United States, a place the rest of the world thinks is weird because we wave and say “Howdy” to strangers. I think we should retain that reputation. So, toss a Texas-two-fingered wave to the other drivers out there.

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