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Day Two as a Conscientious Optimist

I went for a walk this morning and noticed that my usually bustling neighborhood possessed a quietness that was unsettling. To be expected for sure, but seeing and not-hearing it in reality, hammered home the truth. This is our world for the time being; people holed-up in their homes, exhausting even the most awful selections that Netflix and Hulu have to offer. Yet as is my habit these days, I focused on seeking out the optimistic. It took almost no time at all.

On the side of the street a few blocks from my house, I noticed some people lounging in lawn chairs, behind a table in their front yard. Stacked upon the table was a mountain of toilet paper, tissues, paper towels and hand-sanitizer. My first thought was, “Great, these local profiteers are extorting the desperate condition of the neighborhood.”

But as I observed them for a moment, I saw a woman stop her car and approach the table cautiously. After exchanging a few words with the people behind the table, she grabbed some of the sanitary items from the table and left.

It was then I noticed their sign that was draped along the front of the table. I walked closer until I could read it. It said, “Take what you need. Donate what you can. God Bless.” I must admit, I was slightly ashamed at thinking they were swindlers.

Thus my faith in humanity has been restored for another day. My takeaway is this: help if you can, and if not, then harm not. We must all do our part to aid in each other’s survival during this TEMPORARY period of turmoil. Until tomorrow optimists.

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